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Yangpu ZOSE International Cinema (Binhai Store) officially opened today

From:ZOSE Group Publish:2021-01-18


Yangpu ZOSE International Cinema (Binhai Store) officially opened on January 18, 2021 which is the first X- DMAX laser digital cinema in Yangpu Port, China. Lin Xiangdong, Chairman of ZOSE Cinemas, Liu Yang, General Manager, Management Team of ZOSE Cinemas, General Managers of Subordinate Cinemas, Luo Xi, Deputy Director of Yangpu Working Committee and Management Committee Office, Li Xianyou, Director of Publicity office, Wan Yumian, Director of Hainan Yangpu Development and Construction Holding Co. Ltd., Qiao Yueqiang, Deputy Director of Hainan Yangpu Development and Construction Holding Co. Ltd., and local news media Nearly 200 people attended the opening ceremony.

The cinema is located on the 1st floor of Hainan Yangpu Binhai Cultural Square Exhibition Hall, covering an area of 2,400 square meters, with 6 digital cinemas, 578 seats, using the world’s top Barco laser projector and panoramic sound return system, including 1 VIP first-class hall, a 4D hall, 4 laser digital projection halls. The cinema design adopts the latest "ZOSE 4.0" design style, with light industrial style as the main style, combined with the design of the science and technological environment of the project, to bring customers a powerful, future and high-end sensory experience. The equipment and facilities are equipped with automatic functions such as automatic temperature measurement, automatic ticket checking, automatic air-conditioning filtering and disinfection, and are committed to creating a "healthy, smart, and new experience" smart cinema. The Yangpu Economic Development Zone where the movie city is located is surrounded by the sea on three sides, and it’s like spring all the year round. It is believed that the presence of ZOSE International Cinema has added new fashion charm to the Yangpu Economic Development Zone.









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